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有没有一首歌的歌词是baby you know i will fellin...

Mary J. Blige - Feel Like A Woman (Verse 1:) I want you to rescue me. Take me from this misery. Put your arms around me bay. Hold me close, please hear me say. (Ohh) You really gotta hold on me. (You do) Right here is where I w...

经典老歌啊,圣诞节就听过~ 歌名:雪人 原唱:范晓萱 词:许常德 曲:季忠平

《Wildest Dreams 》 演唱 :Anthem Lights Baby let's get out of this town drive out of the city 亲爱的就让我们离开这是非之地驱车远离 Away from the crowds 避开熙熙攘攘的追名逐利 You know heaven can't help us now nothing lasts for...

苦茶 我该如何让你明白我爱你,在那之后你点头说我愿意 你不必问你也不必懂,这一刻就值得爱到永恒···

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