在我的想象中 in my imagination;from my imagination;as I imagine更多释义>> [网络短语] 在我的想象中 My imagination sees you;In my imagination;imagines

你好! 在未来,我需要成为自己想象中好的自己 In the future, I need to be what I think I am

还可以。 用 as 会比 like 正顺一些, before 可有可无。 (我下面写的也可以加 before) 这样说会更地道一些: It was not as easy as I thought it would be. (过去式--去做过了以後 才发现没有那麼容易) (it would be 三个字没有必要 但本人认...

MIKI—Imagine Me Without You As long as stars shine down from heaven(只要星星还在天国闪烁) And the rivers run into the sea(只要江河还汇入大海) Til the end of time forever(直到时间的尽头) You are the only love I'll need(你...

你眼睛里有星辰是我无法想象的光芒 Your eyes are the stars is the light I can't imagine

Sometimes the online commodities are not as gorgeous as what we imagine when delievered to us. commodity 英 [kə'mɒdɪtɪ] 美 [kə'mɑdəti] n. 商品,货物;日用品 [ 复数 commodities ] A commodity is some...

This is far more complicated than I thought. This is much more complicated than I imagined.

out of my imagination

翻译如下: 在我的成长过程中 In the process of my growing up 例句: 我的爸爸妈妈在我的成长过程中扮演了非常重要的角色。 My dad and mom in the growing process of my plays a very importantrole.

To you,maybe I 'm not so important as what I image ;but to me,you are more important than what you image.我自己想的哦,之前听过这样一句话:To the world ,maybe you are one person ,but to me,you are the whole world.对于世界来说,...

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