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他做菜很好吃 英语翻译

1.He cooks well/bad. 2.That girl cooks well, and you can learn from her. 3.It has been quite a long time since the last time I ate the dishes you cooked. Now they are still so tasty. 4.You can try the dishes she made, and they'...

英文原文: He loves cooking and cooks well. 英式音标: [hiː] [lʌv] [ˈkʊkɪŋ] [ənd; (ə)n; ænd] [kʊk] [wel] . 美式音标: [hi] [lʌv] [ˈkʊkɪŋ] [əndˌ...

She cooks very well, and we like to eat her food. 她做菜做得很好,我们很喜欢吃她做的菜。

翻译如下 对我来说她做饭很好吃 For me, she's very good at cooking 做饭cook; prepare a meal 好吃delicious; tasty; good to eat; toothsomeness

She is cook and she cooks very well.

She is good at cooking

I can cook the meals

1 他做的饭菜味道怎么样? 1·How does he do dishes? 2.他做菜水平怎么样? 比你厉害么? 2·How he cooks? Better than you? 3. 那个男人做的饭菜 非常好吃 / 很难吃。 3.The man's food is very delicious / terrible. 4. 我不太会做饭,以后我...

dish 在指为餐桌上的容器,碟子,盘子,等统称为dish 是可以用复数的。当它被用来指菜等的时候,用单数。

“她也喜欢做饭,她每天都给我们做好吃的食物”用英文说: She likes cooking, she give us ready to eat food every day\" He cooked well .The dishes he cooked is very good.The food he cooked taste good.其实都可以的。他的厨艺好,就表示他...

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