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他做菜很好吃 英语翻译

1.He cooks well/bad. 2.That girl cooks well, and you can learn from her. 3.It has been quite a long time since the last time I ate the dishes you cooked. Now they are still so tasty. 4.You can try the dishes she made, and they'...

英文原文: He loves cooking and cooks well. 英式音标: [hiː] [lʌv] [ˈkʊkɪŋ] [ənd; (ə)n; ænd] [kʊk] [wel] . 美式音标: [hi] [lʌv] [ˈkʊkɪŋ] [əndˌ...

She cooks very well, and we like to eat her food. 她做菜做得很好,我们很喜欢吃她做的菜。

she is a cook。She is cook very good。

今天他开始学习做饭。 翻译成英文是:He start to learn cooking today. 相关短语学习: start to 英[stɑ:t tu:] 美[stɑrt tu] [词典] 开始; [例句]There is a lot of room for creativity in all of this, but they have little chance of deve...

“她也喜欢做饭,她每天都给我们做好吃的食物”用英文说: She likes cooking, she give us ready to eat food every day\" He cooked well .The dishes he cooked is very good.The food he cooked taste good.其实都可以的。他的厨艺好,就表示他...

"她总是每天给我做饭"用英语怎么说 she always cooks for me every day

让我们帮助他煮饭。 英文翻译:Let us help him to cook。

He is cooking!

They prefer eating out to cooking at home. They prefer to eat out rather than cook at home. They like eating out rather than cooking at home. They like eating out instead of cooking at home.

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